Large Node
The large node, as a relatively complex COSMOS piece of equipment, is typically installed on a building roof, and is composed of a number of the following components:
a) number of sub-6GHz transceivers potentially with multiple RF front-ends
b) number of mmWave transceivers
c) modest local edge cloud resources
d) number of mmWave and FoS of the shelf point-to-point (ptp) devices
e) optical/SDN node with accompanying fiber infrastructure, and optionally
f) number of COTS legacy infrastructure devices (i.e. LTE eNodeB, IoT base station, long-rage WiFi AP, etc.).
The deployment also requires custom power distribution installation as well as RF and optical cable trays distributing corresponding signals to various rooftop antenna locations that will be determined based on the overall RF planning and coverage analysis as well as on various backhauling/multi-pathing requirements.