Medium Node
Below figure shows the structure of a generic medium COSMOS radio node. The unit contains up to three motherboards (mini-ITX form factor X86 PCs with 16x pciExpress slot). In addition to standard peripherals that can be attached to each of the motherboards (like WiFi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, etc.), it also contains high performance small port count SDN capable Ethernet switch and a number of SDR transceivers (either Sub-6GHz or mmWave or both). At least one of the motherboards is used with the low-end sub-6GHz SDR for spectrum monitoring. Optionally, a number of high-performance of the shelf point-to-point mmWave radios and/or free space optics (FoS) devices are attached to the enclosure providing backhaul connectivity for street level locations without fiber and/or multi-homing/multi-pathing experimentation capabilities for nodes with multiple backhauls. Medium node will have standard Each unit also has complex chassis manager (CM) allowing for independent on/off control for each motherboard/device. The node is housed in a custom weatherproof enclosure designed for lamppost/side-of-the-building deployment and will consume up to 600W.