COSMOS Team Presented the COVET VR Educational Suite in the First School in the Country Equipped With 5G Wireless Technology!

Earlier this year, the COSMOS team was one of the winning teams of the Verizon’s 5G EdTech Challenge by developing 5G COVET, an educational suite that offers K-12 STEM labs based on a Virtual Reality version of the popular “escape rooms” experience. More particularly, COVET provides a set of virtual educational labs, each forming a virtual room that students visit and collaboratively solve riddles and puzzles in order to move to the next virtual room.

Verizon partnered with Entrepreneurship Prep Cliffs Campus, a public charter school in Cleveland, Ohio to develop a cutting edge innovation learning lab in the school that will be powered by the 5G  wireless technology. Educators will now be able to use 5G to change the way they teach and engage students, as they will have access to new learning applications such as those that include AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality). 

COSMOS team presenting the COVET educational suite to students in Cleveland

COSMOS team presenting the COVET educational suite to students in Cleveland

On August 28 2019, 5G COVET team participated in a big event organized by Verizon in Cleveland’s scool, celebrating the opening of the lab and demonstrating VR and AR educational applications. During the event COVET team had the chance to present their VR educational suite to Cleveland students as well to teachers from all over the country.

Since then, Cleveland students have been using the 5G COVET VR suite, in order to learn about STEM concepts through innovative approaches that allow them to collaborate and solve problems together in stimulating virtual environments, enabled by 5G technologies.