Spectral DSP completed signal testing on the COSMOS testbed for its patent-pending waveform technology

Spectral DSP
Spectral DSP, a startup co-founded by Prof. Fred Harris, completed signal testing on the COSMOS testbed for its patent-pending waveform technology for efficient PAPR and power consumption reduction. 

In the experiments, the DFT Spread OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing) with Harris Tapered Nyquist Filter, called the “Spectral DSP SC-OFDM” Waveform demonstrated an extraordinary PAPR (peak-to-average power ratio) improvement. According to Spectral DSP’s CEO, Pete Wassel, “the developed and tested waveform, that can be inserted into base station software, would allow for significant reduction of the power consumption of the Power Amplifier. Moreover, the PAPR reduction will improve cell coverage and will potentially reduce the number of cells in future deployments.” 

For more details see SpectralDSP’s press release.