The COSMOS testbed will cover one square mile in West Harlem, with City College to the north, Columbia University’s Morningside Heights campus to the south, the Hudson River to the west, and Apollo Theater to the east. This vibrant, densely populated neighborhood is seen as an ideal place to push the bandwidth and latency limits of 4G, and even fifth-generation wireless technology, or 5G, which carriers are starting to roll out in some cities now.

9 Large Sites

40 Medium sites

Fiber optic connection from most sites

200 Small nodes ~Including vehicular and hand-held

Fiber connection to NYU Data Center, Rutgers, GENI/I2

Interaction with smart community & innovation initiatives (Gigabit center, etc.)





COSMOS Timeline

April 1

Project Start

The official start of the COSMOS projects
July 1

Initial Design Release

December 1

Sandbox Deployment

Rooftop deployment of one large and one medium node at WINLAB facility
February 28

Pilot Deployment Release

Initial pilot deployment release to internal users
March 15

Pilot Deployment

Deployment of one large node and two medium nodes at CU
March 15

1st Workshop

One day experimenter workshop and tutorials for research community
June 15

Phase 1 Internal Release

Internal release of partial Phase 1 deployment for scaled experiment preparation and debugging
September 1

Phase 1 Deployment

Deployment of first phase of testbed across CU and CCNY sites, along with COSMOS control center at Rutgers
October 1

Phase 1 EA Release

Phase 1 deployment release to early adopters for limited scale experimentation
October 30

Phase 1 Release

Phase 1 deployment release to general users
September 1

Phase 2 Deployment

Deployment of second phase of testbed across CU, CCNY and NYC sites, along with COSMOS control center at Rutgers  
September 15

Phase 2 Deployment Release to Early Adopters

October 31

Full Deployment Release to General Public

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