The COSMOS testbed is intended to enable several new classes of wireless experiments not currently supported by testbeds available to the research community. The “sweet spot” for experimenters is ultra-high access bandwidth coupled with low latency mobile networks and edge cloud services, an attractive target because it enables an entirely new class of interactive rich media applications associated with scenarios such as AR/VR for mobile users or cloud-assisted connected cars. There is a great deal of exploratory research still to be done at various layers of the system.

Prior to community release of the COSMOS testbed, we are internally developing a representative set of test experiments that will be used to drive the design and validate the capabilities and usability of the testbed. These test experiments leverage ongoing research projects at Rutgers, Columbia, and NYU to prepare the following test experiments:

  • massive MIMO and full duplex experiments to validate full set of PHY capabilities
  • mmWave access with adaptive beamforming and MIMO for validation of 28/60 GHz functionality
  • dynamic spectrum access in 3.5 GHz or other bands to verify wideband/non-contiguous PHY, spectrum measurement and control plane capabilities
  • integrated SDR and optically switched x-haul network with flexible 100G+ interfaces to verify optical network capabilities
  • low latency, clean slate mobile network protocol to verify programmable network layer capabilities
  • adaptive multicast video for public safety applications to verify multipoint/MAC capabilities
  • mobile edge cloud services with dynamic service assignment and migration, to validate edge computing functions in testbed
  • connected car /smart intersection application to validate high mobility/high bandwidth capabilities in real world settings

[1] D. Raychaudhuri, I. Seskar, G. Zussman, T. Korakis, D. Kilper, T. Chen, J. Kolodziejski, M. Sherman, Z. Kostic, X. Gu, H. Krishnaswamy, S. Maheshwari, P. Skrimponis, and C. Gutterman, “Challenge: COSMOS: A city-scale programmable testbed for experimentation with advanced wireless,” in Proc. ACM MobiCom’20, 2020. [download] [presentation] [long video] [short video]