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One of the main goals of COSMOS is to take advantage of the educational and research experience of its academic partners and transform the research tested to an innovative learning platform for students. To this direction, COSMOS project will focus on local educational outreach, especially to minorities underrepresented in STEM. This goal is extremely important to retain support for the deployment of the testbed within the West Harlem community and in the City in general. COSMOS team will design and implement an education platform that will allow K12 students to learn basic as well as advanced STEM concepts through running experiments on COSMOS. The impact of using an advanced research testbed as an educational resource and enabling its access remotely for a large number of students is very significant, especially for schools that lack the technology and resources to prepare students for a future in the digital world. Taking advantage of this significant asset for hand-on learning, COSMOS will focus on creating a strong educational outreach program targeting to public schools of NYC and especially of Harlem, which has a high percentage of minority students that are underrepresented in STEM. COSMOS education plan for K12 is twofold: 1) To create a strong, innovative and concrete set of methods and tools that will enhance STEM education for K12 students in NYC, 2) To work together with STEM teachers, to enhance their professional development and to collaboratively create hands-on educational material for NYC students. The educational activities of COSMOS will be strongly benefited by the involvement of the PAWR consortium companies in K12 activities in the local community. Many of the COSMOS industrial partners have programs that support schools and the community on STEM education. Combining the experience of the COSMOS academic partners on developing educational material based on testbed experiments with the experience of the industrial partners supporting local communities and schools could enhance significantly the COSMOS education and outreach program.

COSMOS will also provide unique educational and training opportunities for undergrad and graduate students in a variety of forward looking technologies such as SDR, massive MIMO, mmWave, and integrated optical-wireless.


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