Full Duplex Integration Featured in IEEE Comm. Society Full Duplex Wireless Communications Emerging Technologies Initiatives

Full duplex wireless
 The IEEE ComSoc Full Duplex Wireless Communications Emerging Technologies Initiatives (ETI) aims to develop self-interference cancellation and mitigation techniques and to develop technology enablers and associated physical layer and medium access control layer algorithms and radio resource management techniques that facilitate full duplex communications in the next generation of wireless systems and, when applicable, in wireline networks.
The integration of the 2nd-generation wideband RF self-interference cancellers in the COSMOS testbed sandbox was featured as one of the two first Full Duplex Wireless Communications ETI Open-Access Content contributions and Demonstrations.
Detailed information about the open-access wideband full-duplex radios can be found here. The integration is based on research conducted within Columbia’s FlexICoN project.