The NGI Atlantic project Aurora Viewer concluded

Ivan Seskar (Rutgers WINLAB and the COSMOS PD) along with Prof. Bo Han from George Mason University, OpenARCloud Europe, and 3D Interactive have concluded the Aurora Viewer project funded by NGI Atlantic. In general, the vision of an augmented reality (AR) cloud is about an enhanced version of the real world extended by persistent, location-anchored digital objects. In this project, the team adapted and advanced various components of the Open Spatial Computing Platform (OSCP) to become deployable at multiple testbeds.  The platform was deployed at the COSMOS testbed and produced tutorials and best practices for building and using maps of spaces in AR cloud experiences. A new OSCP reference client was built in Unity and the team built representative demo applications that allow virtual objects to persist throughout space and time. More details are available at the project’s website  and the NGI Atlantic website.