Videos from the COSMOS cameras are available

Unveiling some of the team’s efforts to support smart city traffic monitoring experiments, the COSMOS team published anonymized videos taken at the intersection of 120th Street and Amsterdam Avenue in New York City. The videos are from cameras at 1st, 2nd, and 12th floor and are available here.

In order the avoid privacy concerns, videos from the 1st and 2nd floor cameras have been anonymized by automatically blurring faces and license plates in a video stream. Faces and license plates are anonymized with Gaussian blurred areas defined by bounding box detection coordinates. A description of the anonymization process is available in the following paper:

  • A. Angus, Z. Duan, G. Zussman, and Z. Kostic, “Real-Time Video Anonymization in Smart City Intersections,” in Proc. IEEE MASS’22 (invited), Oct. 2022. [download] [presentation] [dataset] [video]

The videos have been used in severals demonstrations including the following recent ACM MobiSys ’22 demo, and with Kentyou, as part of a COSM-IC and NGI Atlantic project.

  • M. Ghasemi, S. Kleisarchaki, T. Calmant, L. Gürgen, J. Ghaderi, Z. Kostic, and G. Zussman, “Demo: Real-time camera analytics for enhancing traffic intersection safety,” in Proc. ACM MobiSys’22, June 2022. [download]